Update Your Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom can make or break the functionality of the entire space. But, it’s not only about function; it’s also about aesthetics. If your cabinets have outdated knobs and pulls or need refinishing and look like a relic of the past, chances are you won’t be happy in that space. At Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling, we understand that your kitchen and bathroom are both essential parts of your home, so you should love the way they look and function!

Freshen Up: Cabinet Refacing

There are many factors to consider when updating your cabinets. If you’re happy with the current layout of the space and only want to update the look of the cabinets, you may want to consider refacing. Refacing allows you to keep the existing body of the cabinets and replace the drawer fronts and doors. New veneer is added to all other surfaces of the cabinet to match. The drawer pulls and handles can also be replaced, creating a fresh new look. With all this in mind, it is sometimes a great opportunity to address other issues in your space when addressing the cabinets. Our expert design team will help you identify whether or not you are better off refinishing your existing cabinetry, or whether it may be more cost effective to renovate instead.

Total Overhaul: Cabinet Remodel

There are several different reasons to choose to replace your cabinets. If the issue in your kitchen is the layout, then we can redesign the space to make it work for you. Older cabinets built before 1979 tend to hold up well, but are often outdated in how they look and need functional updates to meet your kitchen goals. Maybe the cabinets installed when your home was built have seen their days and are ready to be replaced? Maybe you are replacing appliances and would like an updated look and feel to match the new look of your kitchen? If any of these issues sound familiar, a cabinet remodel may be right for you. Our design team can help you determine whether a cabinet remodel or full kitchen remodel is the right fit for your needs!

In tHis Together

When deciding to remodel, the options might seem endless! Our design team will be  here with you throughout the entire process, taking the time to assess your current layout and discuss what aspects are most important to you and why. This can help choose the style, color, hardware, and every detail – with your desires in mind. Beyond this, many people use a cabinet replacement as an opportunity to incorporate some new elements to the space such as new countertops, a wine rack, large pull-out drawers for ease of access, or slide-out shelves. A cabinet replacement project is an opportunity to make your space more functional for your needs!

why Us

If you are considering making a change to the cabinets in your home, contact our team to discuss your options!

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