Does your basement need help? Do you dread walking down the stairs because of how terrible it smells? Are you ready to transform the space so you and your family can actually use it? If any of these questions sound familiar, we’re willing to bet that you already have several ideas of how you can accomplish your basement remodel. A quick word of warning: before you start tearing things apart and laying down carpet, there are a few things you really need to tackle first:

1. Address Water Issues

Nothing would be worse than getting finished with an involved basement remodeling project just to discover a water leak creeping across the floor. Be sure to check your space for issues with humidity, water leaks, gaps, and outside debris that could cause water problems down the road. It’s also a good idea to have your foundation inspected for any possible compromises before you begin.

2. Add Protection

Once you’ve mitigated any future issues with moisture, be sure to protect your floors with an epoxy sealant. This will ensure that water will be locked out of your basement for good. What’s nice about this option is that you can apply it yourself, and it makes an attractive floor option even if you don’t plan on laying carpet, hardwood, or tile on top.

3. Design a Layout

Before you begin your basement remodel, some proactive planning is absolutely necessary. On a piece of paper, draw out how you would like to divide up the space downstairs to fit your lifestyle. Next, walk through your basement to consider the placement of ductwork, electrical wiring, the HVAC system, columns, etc. Though it is cumbersome to change the location of these items, there are quite a few ways to work around them.

4. Call a Contractor

Once you have a good feel for your space and how you’d like to transform it, it’s time to contact a trusted contractor. At your initial meeting, bring your plans and any pictures that you’d like to use as inspiration. A great remodeling company will be able to understand your vision and fulfill it. You should feel comfortable enough with them to be able to voice any concerns or needed changes along the way. The better the rapport, the better the outcome!

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