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Planning your next summer home improvement project? Don’t forget the punch list. Before you start tackling any remodel project, whether big or small, it’s important to manage your expectations, your budget and your timeline. But most importantly? You want a beautifully remodeled space that you can enjoy not only this summer, but for a long time to come!


A punch list is a document that’s prepared toward the end of a remodel project that lists extra tasks and small details that need to be finished before the project can be completed and the final payment collected. This type of document is put in place to ensure your construction company’s final product meets your expectations.


Here is an example of a punch list any homeowner can use for a Kitchen Remodel:



  • Are there any visible cracks, smudges or dings in the drywall?
  • Is crown molding installed correctly and painted?
  • Is the backsplash even, grouted and applied correctly?
  • Are any screw heads visible through the drywall?
  • Are any nail heads popped in wood framing?
  • Does paint evenly cover each wall with no thin spots, drips or other mistakes?


  • Do the cabinets appear to be installed correctly?
  • Are all upper and lower cabinets level?
  • Is paint applied evenly to all visible surfaces?
  • Are there any exposed screws or other hardware?
  • Are all shelves and doors installed correctly?
  • Do your cabinet drawers glide open and close without catching?



  • Are countertops sealed and damage-free?
  • Is your sink sealed to your countertops?
  • Are your joints in your stone countertops uniform and sealed?
  • Are there any gaps?


  • If using tile, is your tile floor evenly grouted and sealed?
  • Is your floor level?
  • Are there any gaps between flooring and cabinets?
  • Is there any visible damage to the floor from construction?


  • Do all appliances turn on/heat up/cool down?
  • Are all appliances free of scratches or other damage?
  • Does your exhaust fan work?
  • Are all registers/air vents open?
  • Does your garbage disposal work?



  • Are all light fixtures installed and working properly?
  • Do all outlets, switches and cable jacks work?
  • Are all switch plates and cover plates installed?



  • Are your dishwasher and fridge connected to your water line?
  • Does your sink run water properly and have the right water pressure?
  • Did you run your dishwasher through one full cycle?
  • Does both hot and cold water come out of your faucet?
  • Are there any leaks?



  • Are smoke detectors installed correctly and working properly?
  • Are there any visible cracks or peeling?
  • Are light fixtures installed properly without doing damage to the drywall?
  • Is the paint evenly distributed without mistakes?

Doors & Windows

  • Do pantry doors and interior doors swing open and close easily?
  • Is weather stripping applied to all exterior doors?
  • Are doors hung correctly?
  • Do windows open and close easily?
  • Do windows lock properly?
  • Are window screens installed?
  • Are there any cracks in window panes?
  • Are there any dents, scratches or buckling in interior doors?


Your relationship with your construction company is dependent on how you communicate with each other and how satisfied you are with the quality of the remodel project. Having a punch list helps achieve both of those things. And remember, as you continue to cross things off your punch list, you’re one step closer to enjoying your newly remodeled space!


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