Once upon a time, homeowners craved a house that came with all the traditional spaces: dining room, full kitchen, den, living room, the works. This may not be the trend any longer. More homeowners are starting to value functionality and convenience over traditional style, and that could spell the end of a formal living room.

Some Say No

A lot of families are now willing to give up the formal living room in favor of an open concept between living spaces so that the house feels more connected throughout. The formal design of a living room doesn’t lend itself towards an open floor plan. Additionally, as housing and construction costs rise, more families are having to make serious decisions about which rooms to keep and which to sacrifice. Many buyers have to make decisions that will get them more functional space for their dollar rather than uphold old design traditions.

Others Say Yes


There are designers and homeowners out there who are still in favor of a formal living room. The open concept is a popular idea, but many homeowners still like the idea of a formal space that can be used for entertaining or family gatherings without being mixed in with the kitchen or dining area. There are still buyers looking for homes that have the formal living room because they feel like it adds a sense of tradition and desirability that a home with a more open floor plan might lack.

Which Will You Choose?

Do you prefer keeping your living room a cozy space that’s separate from the kitchen, or will you knock down some beams in your home to open up space? It’s a choice that many homeowners are having to make, but you don’t have to do it alone. Trust the home remodeling and design experts in Kansas City and Columbia today!

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