Have you ever driven through a neighborhood to just to marvel at the gorgeous houses? It may appear that every house stands apart from the rest, but there are still key design rules that every builder follows. Whether you’re planning a new home remodel or you’re just wanting to add to your space, here are a few exterior design tips from the experts.

Exterior Design Tricks

Balance & Symmetry

Unless your house is being built by Pablo Picasso, balance and symmetry will play an important role in your home design. When thinking of your perfect home, consider proportions that are either obvious from the street or hidden gems carefully laid out in your house’s design.

Start as You Mean to Go On

Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor, Louis Sullivan, said, “Form follows Function.” Consider what your home’s purpose will be before you settle on a design. Do you want your house to be a place for entertaining or a quiet oasis away from it all? There should be cohesion between your exterior designs and your interior needs.

Choose Colors that Pop

When choosing the exterior paint on your home, you can decide where to draw a passer-by’s eye. A safe bet is choosing two colors on the same color strip and using the lighter color on the house and the darker color on the trim, or vice versa. A boldly contrasting door color can make your entryway pop or use a color that mimics your trim to maintain balance.

Combine Durability with Beauty

There are so many materials to choose from when considering exterior design. Your best design will combine your personal aesthetic style with durable, long-lasting materials. As always, consulting with an expert about the best exterior materials for your region will help you realize your vision before you make a financial commitment.

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