Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! As we wave goodbye to the summer months, it’s important to make sure that your outdoor living space is as prepared for the changing seasons as your indoor space. You may prefer to keep entertaining as the days get colder, or you may prefer to shut everything down until spring. Either way, we some tips on making sure you deck is prepared for the cold weather to come.

If You’re Still Entertaining:

Switch Out Your Furniture and Decorations

The key to successful autumn outdoor design is preventing moisture from ruining your wooden deck. Festive fall decor, like pumpkins, pots of mums, and hay bales are perfect to set the scene, but make sure they’re elevated to keep water from getting trapped and warping the wood. Also, make sure you switch out your light and breezy summer furniture to pieces that can withstand wind and rain!

Build a Cold Barrier

Hire a professional to build a permanent deck covering or install an awning that can provide some protection in the fall and winter months. Permanent coverings can be enclosed, expanding your entertaining possibilities without making your guests freeze.

If You’re Wrapping Things Up:

Inspect the Wood

Before you retreat indoors to hibernate, check your deck over for any weak spots or damage. If you just invested in a beautiful paint or stain this summer, make sure you seal your deck to prevent costly water damage. It’s important to take stock of these issues now so that you can call an expert as soon as warmth returns to get your deck shipshape for the summer.

Clean Your Deck Space

Periodically clear any leaves or debris from your deck so that it keeps looking nice and clean. Removing clutter from your deck will also help you transition easily back into summer when the time comes. Don’t forget to spruce up any trees or bushes around your deck area so that rotted branches or mold don’t fall onto your deck and ruin the finish.

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