Brace yourself, summer is coming. Now that it’s finally porch-sittin’ season, it’s time to make sure your front porch gives your home instant curb appeal. With all the entertaining you’ll be doing this summer, you’ll want to check out these 5 white-hot design tips that will have your guests and neighbors saying: “Where did you get that?” or “How did you do that?”

1. Bring New Life to Your Brick

Is your brick exterior looking a little worn? Or maybe you’re just tired of looking at the same boring brick every day? Painting your brick can be a great way to make your front porch pop. Just a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Pick a dry week to do your painting
  2. Painting your brick while it’s wet or damp can cause some long-term damage. Be sure to check the weather when you’re making your plans, and give your brick at least 24 hours to dry before getting started.
  3. Use the ground elements around you to your advantage. Your yard, trees and other greenery can serve to either compliment or contrast against the color of your brick, depending on preference. Instead of standing at the edge of your patio when deciding on a color, walk to the curb, reevaluate and make sure everything works together.Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

2. Repurpose Old Furniture

We all have some old furniture laying around that we no longer use. Rather than stashing that in the garage or basement, what about using it on your patio? If you have an old dresser or chair, it’s probably just a fresh coat of paint away from being the perfect patio accessory.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

3. Light It Up

In the summer, your patio gets a LOT of use during the evening hours. After all, it’s the best time to enjoy a cool night and sip on a glass of wine after a long day of summer fun. But artificial lighting can really kill the atmosphere. There’s just something about natural lighting that feels more authentic, don’t you think?

There are some easy DIY ways to not just give yourself the natural light you crave, but to add to the aesthetic of your patio. Something as simple as mason jar lanterns will do just that, and will only cost you a few bucks!Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

4. Swing into Comfort

What’s a patio without some places to sit? Your regular outdoor chairs are nice, sure, but few things complete a porch like a good old-fashioned porch swing. Grab a book and a glass of lemonade, get comfy and watch the afternoon go by like that.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

5. Add Greenery

Whether you already have a beautiful lawn or not, some hanging or potted plants can really help your patio come together. Adding greenery and flowers to your patio can help integrate your home’s aesthetics into the beautiful nature surrounding it. Embrace your green thumb this summer!

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home


Does your home need a little more than a weekend of TLC? Don’t worry, weekend warrior, we’re here to help. Kliethermes can build, remodel or update any of your outdoor spaces and have them ready to wow your summer guests in no time. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

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