It’s time to pull the covers off of your patio furniture and start making plans to enhance your outdoor living spaces, and we have plenty of ideas to get you started!

Weatherproof Materials

There are so many options when it comes to weather-resistant furnishings. Most anything you find indoors can be adapted to withstand wind and rain without harboring damage or a musty odor. If you are planning to build a new deck, composite decking is also a great option. Why spend more time caring for your deck than you do actually enjoying it? This material requires very little maintenance and looks just like the real thing.

Outdoor Décor

If you love decorating the inside of your house, you will love outdoor décor even more. Everything from area rugs, pillows, ottomans, and throws are now being constructed to function in outdoor living spaces. With a wide array of bright colors and patterns, you can fluff and arrange to your heart’s content! Another way to express your personality is through colorful flower arrangements, fun accessories, and yes, even artwork!

Dining in Luxury

Backyard barbecues aren’t what they used to be. Simple charcoal grills are being traded in for gourmet cooking stations that get the job done in top style and efficiency. Elaborate dinners once restricted to the confines of your kitchen can now be prepared outdoors with custom cooking islands, outdoor refrigerators, storage cabinets, and even outdoor sinks! No more running in and out of the house while you prepare your meal—spend your time outside where you can mingle while you cook!

Functional Spaces

What do you like to do in Springtime? Whether it’s reading a great book or catching the latest baseball game, you can create space outdoors to do it all. Bring your indoor living outside with entertainment spaces, conversation areas, private reading nooks, craft areas, and game centers. Separate your areas with privacy walls, weatherproof drapes, or even a stately pergola for your dining space.

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