Do you still LOVE your kitchen? If you’re starting to fall out of love with your current kitchen, we’ve broken down 5 individual ways you can give your kitchen a makeover without doing a full kitchen remodel.


marble countertops
How are your countertops looking? Are there deep cracks, scorch marks, or badly stained or broken ceramic tiles? Or do your laminate countertops have water damage or knife marks? It might be time to upgrade. Go for a style that matches your home’s personality! Whether that’s an elegant marble, a trendy concrete or durable granite, choose something that will withstand the wear and tear that happens in your kitchen every day.



If the grout in your backsplash starting to crack? If your tiles are starting to look dirty or dated, it might be time to replace. Not only does backsplash add another layer of design to your kitchen, it protects your walls from water damage, food splatters and more. If you’re considering making the switch, white subway tiles have been very popular the past year – try switching up this popular style to create a chevron pattern with the tiles instead.



black cabinets
Do you need new cabinets? Decide whether you want to reface or replace cabinets based on the current condition of the cabinets and your future remodel plans. Sometimes, all your cabinets will need is a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint. However, if the cabinets were poorly installed or aren’t high quality, it might be more cost effective to just replace them instead.


new stove
This is a big one! Old, dirty appliances immediately date your space. Appliances are built to last, so people tend to keep them 5, 10, even 20 years! However, technology changes constantly, and new appliances are worth the investment! You’ll be so surprised at the quality and features of new appliances that you’ll never look back.


cabinet fixtures
Want a quick fix? Change out your fixtures! Replace old light fixtures, drawer pulls and faucets with new, modern pieces. Depending on what you choose, this can be relatively inexpensive. It can also freshen up your entire space. What’s big for 2017? Golds! Try a matte gold or a rose gold for a trendy look.

Are you ready to dive into a kitchen remodel? Even if you’re not planning on a full kitchen remodel, Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling can help you make the remodeling process as easy as possible by keeping it on time and on budget – guaranteed!

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