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One of the biggest fears in taking the plunge into a home remodel is how overwhelming the process seems to be. From your perspective, there are too many moving parts, a long list of to-do’s, and endless possibilities. So many things could go wrong and it can be difficult to muster up the courage to get the job started.

During the 40 years we have been serving Columbia, we’ve learned a thing or two about projects that run smoothly—and also those that don’t. Before you sign a contractor for your home remodel, please take the time to consider the pros and cons. This initial preparation can be the one thing standing between you and beautiful end product.

True Success Lies in the Details

What time will work start and end each day? How will family pets be handled? What about the children? How will materials be stored? Discussing details like these before work begins will save a lot of aggravation and misunderstanding.

A Flexible Mindset

Remodeling can be extremely disruptive to your normal lifestyle. Remember to be as flexible as possible. For example, don’t plan a party based on the completion date or schedule overnight guests when your house is being remodeled. Be prepared to make some sacrifices and remember, whatever disruptions occur, they are temporary.

Allow for Changes

No matter how carefully you plan a remodeling project, there will always be changes that pop up along the way. Conditions that were concealed at the onset or any special requests you make are just a couple of examples. There are also the inevitable “Oh, and while you’re here…” instances. When these changes arise, be prepared for the budget and timeline to change–and be sure to get all changes in writing.

Get a Written Lien Waiver

Make sure your contractor is willing to provide you with a written lien waiver at the end of your project when you provide your final payment. This is a document that proves you have paid for the project in full, thereby eliminating the chances of the contractor’s subcontractors or suppliers placing a lien on your property.

If you are ready to get your home remodeling project up and going, we’re here to help. Please contact us for questions or to schedule an initial meeting!

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