One of the biggest fears in taking the plunge into a home remodeling project is how overwhelming the process seems to be. From your perspective, there are too many moving parts, a long list of to-do’s, and endless possibilities. So many things could go wrong and it can be difficult to muster up the courage to get the job started.

During the 40 years we have been serving Columbia, we’ve learned a thing or two about projects that run smoothly—and also those that don’t. Before you sign a contractor for your home remodel, please take the time to consider the pros and cons. This initial preparation can be the one thing standing between you and beautiful end product.

Here is the first list of tips to take into account:

Consistent Communication

It’s essential that you have a seamless flow of communication with your contractor. Observe their behaviors from the very first point of contact: Do they return calls promptly? Do they listen and make notes when you are speaking? Whatever you observe now will only be amplified once the project begins.

Finding the Right Fit

Remodeling projects take time, so it’s important that you a contractor who makes you feel comfortable. Respect is a two-way street, and if there’s an imbalance, it will surface throughout the project timeline. A professional contractor will want a “customer for life”—something that will be apparent from the very beginning.

A Clear Timeline

The scheduling of your project is something that should be discussed before any work begins. A responsible contractor will do his/her best to keep you informed throughout the entire process. Staying informed along the way will save a multitude of headaches and regret.

Everyone on the Same Page

Preparing a well-written and clear project proposal is a MUST. Nothing is worse than a disagreement because the terms weren’t in writing. Every part of the job from the general conditions and demolition to the final trim and clean-up should be clearly described. Avoid vague language and instead list all of the specifics (which window to install—including the make, model, size, features, location, color, style, etc…).

If you are ready to get your home remodeling project up and going, we’re here to help. Please contact us for questions or to schedule an initial meeting!

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