How to Find the Perfect Remodeling Contractor for Your Home

A recent study states that 50% of homeowners are dissatisfied with their work of a recent remodeling contractor. In fact, they were unhappy to the point that they will not hire that contractor again.

The Better Business Bureau receives thousands of consumer complaints per year. Among the most common, are people dissatisfied with the home improvement and repair contractors. In addition, many homeowners take too much for granted. Often, they falsely assume most contractors take the same approach to their work. Many assume that business practices don’t vary much from one contractor to the next. However, this is all avoidable with research, knowledge, and the right questions.


1. Become aware of the contractors in your area.

Your home is a high-value asset. To avoid any depreciation of that asset, it’s important to be aware of the remodeling business. This will help ensure your next project is a success. Every contractor offers a different level of knowledge, commitment, and dedication. All three are vital in transforming dreams into reality.


2. Investigate their credentials and work experience.

It is essential to follow up on references, inspect past work, and avoid the temptation of choosing a contractor based solely on low price. It also helps to look for specific qualities, such as promptness, trustworthiness, and certifications. Contractors who are a part of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and National Association of Home Builders require a thorough investigation of their background and references before obtaining membership.


3. Find someone you’ll enjoy working with.

The best contractors offer a combination of design talents and great craftsmanship. Of course, this is only possible if you communication well and find the right fit. Typically, you will know if your contractor is a good fit within the first few days. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they return calls when appropriate?
  • Are they easy to reach?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with them?
  • Do they keep you informed in the initial stages, AND as the project progresses?


4. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions.

Lastly, conflict often occurs when one person remembers the details of project differently. This is quite common in the remodeling industry. However, this is easily avoided when terms are written down, with details and specifications clearly laid-out. Vague terms must be avoided whenever possible. Easy-to-understand proposals, from the general conditions to demolition to the final trim, should be clearly described.

All told, after 40 years of business in the construction industry superior quality has remained the ultimate request of homeowners we work with. At Kliethermes, we use innovative design and continuous improvement in all the work we offer. For us, it is a necessity in meeting people’s ever-changing needs.

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