Fall is all about change. The trees change colors, the temperature drops, and we change our wardrobes to match the season. Shouldn’t our homes experience some of that change as well? If you’re looking to do some renovations to your home this fall, here are four home remodeling trends to consider.

1. Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets have been popping up on design shows and magazine spreads for a couple years, but the trickle-down has finally made a splash in everyday kitchen renovations. Want a tip? Start with the lighter cabinet color on top and use your dark colors – gray, dark wood tones, navy, etc. – on the lower cabinets. If you’re a bit nervous to do a stark contrast between upper and lower cabinets, consider making your center island the focal point by adding a pop of color to the cabinets!

2. White-On-White kitchen

White-on-white has become an increasingly popular home trend – whether that’s white countertops on white cabinets or a white porcelain tub on white tile, this trend is white-hot for fall! The white-on-white trend will make your home look polished and posh. To make this trend a little less sterile-looking, add comfy rugs, plush furniture and neutral colors to the mix such as golds, blush pinks, and taupes to give it a more home-y feel.  

3. Bold Tile/Backsplash backsplash

Spice up your space with a bold backsplash in your kitchen or a daring ceramic tile in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and materials – the more eclectic, the better! The key to this boho look is to keep the rest of the design clean and simple. Remember, a room needs a focal point, so if you’re going to do a bold tile, compliment the tile with light wood tones, white, grey or other neutral elements to tie in the design.

4. Rustic rustic bedroom

                                  Fall trends this year are all about bringing the outside in! Designers are swooning over the rustic look. What exactly do we mean by rustic? Think unfinished wood. You can incorporate this into your flooring, your cabinets or even a distressed wood feature wall. Get creative with this look and if you want to go bold, pair it with dark iron fixtures to give your home that industrial look.   Interested in a fall facelift for your home? Call Cale and his team today to discuss your next home renovation project!

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