Remodeling an old fixer-upper? Starting to feel a sway or some movement? Or maybe You’re just ready to update your aesthetic and make your home entryway more functional. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that you need a new staircase. So, where do you start?

What To Consider Before Meeting With Your Contractor

What Do You Need?

There are plenty of beautiful staircase designs, from elegant curves to simple minimalism. Consider first what your home needs and what it can take. For example, a colonial home built in the 80s isn’t going to have walls tall enough to incorporate a grand staircase. Some homes need their vaulted ceilings for their staircase, others are just fine with a simple, straight flight of stairs. Sometimes your stairs end near the front door, making welcomes a bit cramped and awkward. These stairs may benefit from an L-shaped staircase that pulls the bottom of the stairs out of the way.

Bottom of staircase with landing in split-level home

Consider Aesthetic

What will it look like? Obviously, you want to consider the function and cohesive with the rest of your home, but will the look you want fit in? You may love how a thicker banister feels–regal, old school, and beautiful–but in a small entryway it may look overcrowded or closed-in. Newer, open-concept homes with vaulted ceilings get the benefit of being able to host a variety of styles, but homes built during times of restricted materials or when a specific style was popular (i.e. ranch homes in the 70s) have fewer options.

Stainless Steel banister railing

Do You Have the Budget to Go Further?

If you are remodeling an entire house and plan to expand rooms, like the kitchen or master bathroom, think about whether opening up your entryway is an option. Your contractor will obviously need to be consulted, but be ready for this recommendation and decide whether it’s a worthy option.

Ready to get started on your home remodeling project?

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