Spring has finally made its way to the Midwest! For many of us, this time of year is spent completing project around the house. That’s especially true as the weather gets warmer and days get longer. As we wake up from our winter slumber and beginning freshening up our homes, think about how each project will affect the value and functionality of your home. Remodeling a shared or master bathroom will give you a large return on your investment and make it a more enjoyable space to relax and unwind after enjoying the spring sunshine.

Here are 5 trends for bathroom remodels

bathroom speakerTechnology

If you are tackling a bathroom remodel this spring, consider making your new space as “smart” as possible. What do we mean? We mean being able to control your bathroom through your smartphone! Consider adding features like a Bluetooth shower head to play your tunes or an app-controlled tub or light switch. This way, when you walk into your new bathroom, you’ll have dimmed lights and a hot bath waiting for you when you get home!

walk-in showerWalk-in Showers

Bath tubs are great for a long soak after a hard day at work, but with the hectic lifestyles we tend to live, showers are the most efficient way to clean off. That being said, you should still try to make your shower experience as enjoyable as possible. Installing a walk-in shower with a bench and rainfall shower head will give your bathroom a spa-like feel without ever leaving your home.

free standing tubFree-Standing Tubs

Without a combined shower-bath combination, you might we wondering where to put a bathtub in your new bathroom. Free standing tubs are a great way to complete the spa feel. A free-standing tub will make any bathroom an elegant oasis to spend some alone time, and still give you the function you need to bathe kiddos (or your furry pups) when needed.

cute vanityDedicated Vanity

Tired of doing your makeup at the bathroom space? Need a better place for your lotions, perfumes and other toiletries? If you and your significant other need separate spaces to get ready, a dedicated vanity area is perfect for your new bathroom. Your inner makeup maven will love a dedicated space to get ready. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star every morning?

bathroom tileBold Tile

We’re all familiar with the term “go big or go home,” right? The same is true with your bathroom tile. Instead of playing it safe with your tile choices, choose something that will add some personality to your bathroom. Ceramic tiles for the floor or a white subway tile with bright (or even glittery) grout can make a statement in your space. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Spring is the perfect time to start a remodel project in your home. If your shared bathroom or master bathroom could use a little TLC, call Kliethermes at (573) 446-2222 and we can help turn your bathroom into a stylish retreat.

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