Do you have a bathroom that still has the flowery wallpaper from the previous tenants? Are you looking to turn your plain bathroom into a beautiful oasis? We have design ideas that will work with every budget and every size of space – all you need is a little imagination.

Exciting Design Ideas for Your Master Bath

Follow Your Nose

Scents can relax you or energize you for an exciting day. Bringing your favorite scent into your bathroom with soap, potpourri, or a diffuser is a great way to add something special to your bathroom.

Accent Coordination

A bathroom looks so much more put together when the accents look intentional. If you’re in a hurry or low on money, invest in a coordinated shower curtain and bath rug. If you have a little extra cash, you can replace the drawer pulls on the cabinets to match the faucet for a polished look.

Add More Storage

Everyone needs more storage, especially in the bathroom. One of the keys to a beautiful master bathroom is making sure that it doesn’t look too cluttered. If you have space, consider building some shelves to expand your options, or install a storage rack over the toilet for a quick fix.

Imagine New Paint Colors

It’s amazing how a new coat of paint can change your whole outlook on a room. Neutral tones work best in small spaces or you can always paint an accent wall with a vibrant color that suits your taste.

Add Some Drama Lighting

If you use your bathroom to get ready in the morning, generous lighting is an absolute must. Add some glamour with a chandelier or go classic with some beautiful wall sconces. You may even want to consider adding a dimmer so that you can summon ambiance with the flick of a switch.

Switch Out Your Vanity

If it’s time for a drastic change, consider replacing your vanity with a new model. A new style can bring a whole new look to the bathroom or you can simply rework the color scheme with brand-new finishes.

Mirror, Mirror

An unconventional mirror can add drama and intrigue to a bathroom. You can use one big statement mirror or use smaller mirrors to create an eclectic but cohesive look.

Create an Ambiance

From scents to lighting, there are many different ways that your bathroom can become your oasis. Decorate your space in a way that will make you want to spend long hours soaking your troubles away.

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