A sunroom is a great way to extend your home into the outdoors. If you’ve been thinking of adding a sunroom to your house, use these three points to help you make crucial design decisions.

Sunroom Planning


Maybe you want a sunroom just to catch a few extra rays this summer, or maybe you want a room that lets you feel like you’re outside without leaving the comfort of your home. Whatever your goals are, knowing what your sunroom will be used for will help guide the design from start to finish.

Knowing the sunroom’s purpose will help your contractor know if they should help you plan a three-season or four-season sunroom. A four-season room will typically have heating and cooling so it can be used year-round while a three-season sunroom will not. Some great examples of a three-season sunroom are a screened room, with mesh instead of windows, or a greenhouse.


When you know how often you want to use your sunroom, you can use that information to decide what materials to use. Wood, vinyl, or aluminum are all great options for the structure. Choose floors that compliment the rest of your interior design. If you decide on a four-season sunroom, heated floors might be a worthwhile treat!

Most importantly, don’t skimp on windows. The entire purpose of a sunroom is to let the light in without also inviting in bugs or the elements. Invest in windows that will last against all types of weather. Consider the windows’ U-value, which will determine how much heat passes through the glass. Windows with the low-emissivity coating are more energy efficient while double-glazed glass reduces glare and provides great insulation.


As you plan your sunroom, consider on which side of your house you’d like to add the room. An east-facing room will get great sun in the morning but little exposure in the evening. If your room faces west, you’ll get the full force of the afternoon sun which may necessitate investing in some great shades.

A north-facing room in the North can be cold and damp but may be a cool and peaceful room in the South. Carefully consider all the pros and cons with your contractor before you begin your exciting addition!

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