At Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling, we love all types of home renovations. It delights us to make the client’s dream a reality—whatever that dream may be. Over the years, however, there have been some pretty distinct trends in certain remodeling projects. Some remodels are more profitable when you consider the increase they provide in the homes’ resale value. Some projects are just more popular because they fit the current style trends. If you are thinking about how you could update your own home, here are some nice suggestions.

Transitional Kitchens

kitchen remodel

All of the home remodeling shows on HGTV have made it easier than ever to think about beautiful ways to update your kitchen—the heart of your home. An extremely popular style we are seeing is the Transitional Kitchen. This style blends classic elements of traditional kitchens (natural materials, neutral colors, simple hardware) with contemporary (clean lines, minimalistic, textured tiles, graphic patterns). Want some Transitional inspiration? We’re in love with this article on Houzz.

The Basement Hangout

basement finishbasement remodel

Say goodbye to your dark, musty basement, because gorgeous finished basements are way better. There are so many options for updates—and what you choose simply depends on what your family enjoys doing for fun. If you have children at home, a game area is a must. Have a man who needs a hideout? How about a comfy entertainment area where he can enjoy the game in peace? Another popular idea is installing a full bar, kitchen, and dining area in the basement. It’s a more informal option when you’re entertaining and you want everyone to be low-key and relaxed. The best part? You won’t be wasting trips up and down the stairs for materials—everything will be handy and within reach!

A Bathroom Retreat

bathroom remodel

The trick with any bathroom remodeling project is to cover all the bases of functionality while adding elements of luxury. The bathroom isn’t just for getting clean anymore. It is all about creating a relaxing retreat that gently wakes you in the morning and bids a sweet farewell in the evening. Just in case you missed it, we talked about some great ways to re-do your master bathroom in this blog.

Moving Outdoors

outdoor living space

Last, but certainly not least, is your outdoor living space. Anything you can accomplish inside your house can now be iterated on the other side of your back door. Having the ambiance of chirping birds, a warm breeze, and a beautiful view makes any activity more enjoyable–which is why so many families are moving things outdoors! Some ideas for additions are covered dining areas, plush lounging furniture, gourmet grilling stations, entertainment centers for parties, and cozy fireplaces!
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