Your guest bathroom may not be a top remodeling priority or even at the start of your redecoration checklist, but once everything else looks perfect, you can’t neglect it forever.

Focus on the Essentials

Guest baths aren’t meant to be as luxurious as a master bath or as cute as a powder room. Unless your existing shower/tub and toilet are really that awful, you can probably leave them alone. Just add a bit of counter space, a mirror and coat of paint, most guests will just be pleased not to have to share a bathroom with the kids.

Tiles for Days

Choosing beautiful, quality tiles can be difficult, there are thousands of choices. When it comes to the shower, unless you have something pretty specific in mind, opt for a simple subway tile design and choose a color palette you like. It can be a bold blue or cool gray (or both)–it doesn’t matter; but, choosing a nice pop of color to the shower tiles can be a fun little surprise as guests draw back the curtain.

Floor tile isn’t as cut and dry. There are so many new and vintage-inspired floor tiles out there, even tile that looks like wood. Some homes have a generic, builder’s grade tile that doesn’t look awful so the tile gets pushed aside for another day. Plenty of houses suffer from old linoleum in their bathrooms though and need immediate action. Just remember to choose durable tile if you have a guest bath that sees a lot of traffic.

Extend the Vanity

Most guest bathrooms have a pretty small vanity or a vanity that doesn’t give you many choices. When you extend your vanity by about a foot, suddenly there is room to set things down and guests can keep their toiletries out instead of having to keep packing up every day. Choose a vanity style that is cohesive with your entire home but keeps it simple and inexpensive.


Overall, you want something that is quick to clean and forget until the next guest. One sink vanities are perfect for a guest bath and easy to maintain.

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