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Still Screen Porch Addition
Trabue Main Floor Renovation
McCubbin Kitchen Remodel
Roger & Cherise Still "We knew exactly what was going to happen, on exactly what timeframe, and even exactly how the team would work with us. They executed that, and beat their estimated completion date by a week and a half. To have the project delivered ahead of time was a nice joy. "
Travis & Mindy McCubbin "The one thing we really appreciated was how good they were about the budget, and being open with us about any changes there may be. They helped lay everything out in detail up front and helped us to meet what our target was. I really had a cost estimate in mind and was concerned about staying within our budget. They all did a really great job at keeping it within the budget we laid out in the beginning. "
Michelle and Shawn Lynchard "We have utilized Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling for 3 projects; I recommend the company without reservation. "
Peter Miyamoto and Ayako Tsuruta "We are aware that you have choices when it comes to choosing your customers, and we would like to thank you SO much for all the time and work you have put in improving our home. We felt you sincerely cared not just about your work, but also for the best interest for our home. Some unexpected new ideas were very welcome – and proving very useful in our daily lives; thank you! The subcontractors were excellent. Cleaning was very difficult, I know, and however we may have complained, I have to say this is one of the cleanest job I have seen for all the work that was involved – and we REALLY appreciated this. "
Jack and Jocelyn Bragg "They are detail and quality oriented. They communicate very effectively and frequently. Greg and Dan stay on top of everything and the people they employ are top notch. We will definitely use them again. "
Patricia Fielding "Thought “outside the box” in trying to help me solve my comfort/temperature and window issues. "
Kathy and William Hoover "We gave Cale a budget and he stuck to it. We really appreciated that! "
Laura Ballou "I think Kliethermes did a marvelous job for me. I enjoyed dealing with them. The people were just wonderful and everybody was very professional. The finished product is so great. I’m enjoying it so much. Kliethermes is fantastic. "
Slava and Olga Glinski "It was absolutely clean and safe. They did their job very well and in a timely manner. "
Christine and Shannon Spurling "Wonderful company and wonderful folks. Prices were a bit on the high side, but there were no budget surprises down the road. "
Mel and Jane Dodd "This is the first time we had work done on our house that we weren’t unsatisfied with. "
Cindy and Curtis Black "I like how everything was all planned out and was done on time and how professional they are about every aspect of their jobs. They sit down and discuss with you your remodeling plans and give you ideas on how to do certain aspects of your project and what will work best. "
Kim Major "The planning stages and information up-front was extremely thorough and well-organized. It was a much-appreciated learning experience for me and I felt confident in their expertise. "
Mike and Jennifer Imhoff "One of the most professional businesses I’ve ever dealt with. Very efficient. "
Lori and Chris Mitchel "I was most satisfied with that fact that we had an existing job they had to match work to, and they far exceeded our expectations in matching the work we had done by a different builder. "
Carol and Jon Rhodes "Karen was amazing. Glad she was there to assist with the pre-construction phase. "
Troy and Melinda Norton "We are very pleased with our end product. Our goal was not build a showcase home (remodel actually), but the areas we had Kliethermes remodel are of that quality. It’s obvious that Kleithermes is concerned with doing things properly and of the highest quality. No shortcuts, not workarounds just to save money. We know that they want the best product to have their name on it.We were very pleased when we informed them that we needed to move in a week before the estimated completion date, and the schedule was adjusted to accommodate that, with most all substantial work getting done a week before the original schedule. We are appreciative of that. "
Ray and Ellie Dockweiler "I was most satisfied with the professionalism and the friendliness of everyone at Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling. "
Lynn and Tom Coudron "Every subcontractor that came to our home introduced themselves and greeted me personally. Each one clearly knew their job and conducted themselves well. We would particularly like to thank Mark. He is a great member of your team and kept me up to date throughout the project. You should be very proud to have someone like him on your team. Karen was great help as well. The design process and the communication of the staff throughout the process and staying within the budget. We appreciated the weekly meetings with Joe Weber to address any outstanding issues of which there few and look over anything that had been completed to that point. "
Hilary and Nate Kaufman "The attention to detail and making sure they understood our needs in full before proceeding. We talked and worked through each step and we always felt like our wants were heard and accommodated as much as possible. "
George and Joyce Jesse "I was most satisfied with the quality of the workmanship. "
Carrie Pike "They communicated very well. I have pets and they were very good about that. "
Ron and Donna Snyder "It’s never to easy find the right balance between cost and quality. Kliethermes truly stands alone! "
Carl and Zina Fudge "Kliethermes proved that some builders can deliver quality and value without sacrificing craftsmanship. "
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