Quality construction and functional design are the best uses of your budget for a master bathroom remodel. Unlike offices or bedrooms which are largely decorated with furniture and accessories, a bathroom becomes luxurious when the overall space evokes the intended feeling: serene, restful, restorative, organized. A crisp white tiled shower feels clean and timeless; a marbled stone vanity with double sinks feels elegant and efficient.

Here are our top five recommendations to upgrade your master bathroom:


Your bathroom likely has a smaller square footage than most other rooms in the house, making this a great opportunity to bring in a floor you really love while staying on budget. Try a bold pattern, or indulge in radiant heated floors if you live in a cooler climate. We are personally partial to Plank LVT or Ceramic tile.


The vanity counter and sink may be one of the only surfaces where items are placed, so a functional layout is highly important. Consider a double sink for personal space and time efficiency if you share the bathroom with another person. This will also add to the resale value of your home.


While a tub and shower combination is common and versatile, why not create an elegant atmosphere by installing a standing only shower in addition to a luxurious freestanding bathtub? For smaller floorplans and budgets, choosing a stand-alone shower with a rainwater shower head and glass doors in place of a plastic curtain creates sophistication and space efficiency.


New hardware can drastically change the style and functionality of your bathroom. This is true even if you can’t afford an entirely new shower or sink. Older construction often has brassy gold hardware or cheap plastic knobs. Hardware can change the look of a faucet to make it more modern. Or an upgraded shower head can offer a delightful experience when the entire shower can’t be completely remodeled.


The most beautiful bathroom in the world can feel cold and harsh under fluorescent lighting. Several yellow-hued can lights or wall sconces create a more peaceful ambiance, especially if the lights are on a dimmer. Enjoying a bath becomes a private spa experience with a few candles and a warm glow in the room.

If you are disgruntled about the state of your master bathroom, we hope these ideas gave you some inspiration. Which upgrade would you be most likely to install? Leave us a comment below!

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