It’s funny how homeowners tend to remodel the bath last. True, it’s pricey and your guests won’t necessarily see it (unless you show it off), but it’s no more expensive than the kitchen and your guests don’t usually see your master bedroom either. Think about it, most people spend more time in their bathrooms than their bedrooms. The bathroom might seem like a completely utilitarian room to you, but don’t you want a space you can admire while you bathe, use the facilities, or wait for your face mask to dry?

Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

Incorporating Natural Materials

2016 marked a boost in industrial home accents, 2017 marked the reintroduction of natural materials, and 2018 will see a new combination of both elements, plus a more playful touch to the modern home. Color, simplicity, clean lines and practicality will reign over bathroom design. Combine a simple color palate with copper or even clay faucets and hardware, as well as cold tile with warm wood and natural/engineered stone countertops (like quartz).

Darken Your Colors

Gray is still in style, just not so overwhelmingly anymore. Dark gray cement tiles, deep and rich forest green, eggplant purple, and black will also be big, not just on the walls, either. Unique ways to incorporate dark colors, even in small spaces:

  • – paint the window frame
  • – tiling that extends up the walls a little way
  • – cabinets/pedestal sink
  • – countertop
  • – bathtub

In general, tiling and countertops are getting rid of the gloss and switching over to a matte style. By going matte, you add a new sophistication as well as deepen the colors because there is no shine to rebound light.

Geometry Rocks!

Using geometric shapes has been popular over the past five years and there’s a reason. Geometric lines are aesthetically pleasing and clean, just what design keeps progressing in. A less popular, but very cool, trend we’ll be seeing more in the next year or so is geometric flooring. We aren’t talking about the parquet floors from your mom’s house.

Hexagonal tiling has always been trendy but, sadly, it’s just not very common. With the addition of geometric patterns, we may start to see a bigger shift towards the style. These tiles are easy to apply and there is just about an endless supply of creative options like using multiple designs and laying them at different rotations to create an even larger design.

Pastels in Rotation

Especially popular with millennials designing their retro, minimalistic apartments, incorporating pastels has been almost a 30-year rotation tradition. First popular in the 50s, light pink, nude, baby blue, and mint green were popular bathroom choices. In the 80s, the trend got another wind, perhaps due to the same nostalgia we are experiencing now. However, no we have modern touches to balance out the colors. Instead of walking into a retina-destroying pink nightmare, these pastels are a touch lighter and are primarily used as accents, such as a sink, floor tiles, and wall art.


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