Whether you like it or not, frigid winter weather is here, which means now is the time for winterizing your home. As a homeowner, you’ve probably been spending some time preparing your home to withstand the drops in temperature. Your doors are insulated, the windows sealed tight, and you probably even installed those handy little inserts into your electrical outlets. Kudos to you! You’ve done your job to keep out the winter gusts–but have you covered all of your bases?

While you have been thinking about keeping outside breezes from entering your home, the air that is already freely flowing inside your home is going unchecked. Sure, you try to remember to lower the temperature on your thermostat each night before bed and fully intend to do it again as you leave the house for work, but, as we all know, sometimes life gets busy and we simply forget.

How wonderful would it be to put your thermostat on auto-pilot? To know that your home energy usage is efficient without you having to lift a finger? Meet Nest Thermostat. If you are wondering if this really works, Cale and his family can personally testify to the benefits of having Nest in their home.


Nest spends a week learning your family’s lifestyle and then pre-emptively sets your home temperature to suit you. Never wake up to a cold house again–Nest knows when your alarm will sound and begins warming things up before your bare feet hit the floor.


Control of your home temperature is now at your fingertips—wherever you are. With Nest’s convenient syncing functionality, you can tell it to adjust at the drop of a hat. Also, with all of the many other products that coordinate with Nest, you can automate just about anything in your home, including lights, security, laundry, and so much more!


Did you know that your thermostat controls half of your energy bill? Incorporating Nest technology into your home is one of the easiest ways to save on your monthly budget. According to Nest, their product has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes since 2011. Now that’s something to get excited about, don’t you think?

Are you ready to take the next step in automating your home energy usage? Head over to the Nest website to learn more about what this amazing product has to offer!

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