Prepare Your Home for Your Vacation

Are you planning an exciting summer getaway? You may have your tickets booked, your suitcases packed, and your pets boarded, but there’s one more important step you can’t forget: preparing your home. Take these precautions to keep your home secure so your vacation stays stress-free.

Designate a Watchful Eye

If you live in a tight-knit neighborhood, you may have a neighbor or friend who can watch things while you’re away. Additionally, consider scheduling any remodeling projects to coincide with your vacation so that you know your home is being looked after. You know your home is secure, and you can return to a fantastic new kitchen or bathroom!

Unplug Appliances & Reset Thermostat

Prevent electronic disasters while you’re away by unplugging all necessary appliances. Set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature that won’t hike up your electric bill. Set your refrigerator to a cool temperature that won’t overwork the fridge.

Clean Out Fridge and Trash

Throw out your milk if it expires before your return. Clean out any leftovers or perishables so that you don’t have to fight through a mess when you return from vacation. After you’ve finished with the fridge, empty all the trash cans in the house. Taking precautions ahead of time will keep your kitchen lovely until you come home.

Hold Mail

Contact your post office to put a hold on your mail and newspapers for the duration of your vacation. An overflowing mailbox is a neon sign to thieves that no one is home. If you don’t have time to get to the post office, ask a neighbor you trust to take your mail until you return.

Keep the Lived-In Look

Whether you’ll be gone for a long time, or just a few days, keep your house looking lived-in by turning on a few lamps and cracking the blinds. If your vacation is a week or longer, purchase timers for your lamps that will automatically come on at night. You can also ask a neighbor to park in your driveway at night to give the appearance that someone is home.

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