It’s that time of year again! The kids are going back to school and schedules are about to become busier. Is your home ready for an academic whirlwind? We have a few organization ideas on how you can create spaces in your home designed to keep up with the chaos of a new school year.

Get Organized for the New School Year

Store Gear in a Functional Space

An entryway that’s designed to be functional and beautiful is a fantastic way to keep things organized during the busy school year. Designate a spot in your front hall where you can install a bench for removing dirty shoes and boots, as well as store other outside gear. Create more storage with cubbies and hooks that can hold backpacks, jackets, and baskets for each family member.

Find a Command Center Spot

Pick one room in your house, like the kitchen, where everyone will gather at least once or twice a day. A command center there will keep the family well-informed and running like clockwork. You can use a dry erase board, bulletin board, calendar, or chalkboard for menus, to-do lists, updates, and more!

Designate a Kitchen Work Station

Studies show that students are more productive when they study in an unfamiliar spot that doesn’t have the comfortable distractions of their bedroom. Creating a space in the kitchen will let them work on homework while connected to the rest of the family. You can make sure work is being done while preparing dinner, and you don’t have to constantly be running upstairs to help with math!

Sort Out Your Laundry Room

When families are busy, laundry is often the first chore to fall by the wayside. However, a simple laundry room remodel can help you create an organized space where everything is easy to find and laundry is a breeze to complete! Create different bins for different loads and an “emergency” basket for items that need to be washed right away. Save yourself time and headache by creating a basket for each family member so that they can take their own clothes upstairs to be put away after they’ve been folded.

Life goes by too quickly to get caught up on the little things. These little home organization steps will make the school year a breeze.

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