When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or just giving it a bit of a face-lift, you’ll probably find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all of the different styles and assortment of accessories and fixtures out there. If you’re tired of a statement lighting fixture or back-splash, keep reading for new ideas.

Find Your Kitchen Focal Point

Don’t Overdo It

We all know how tempting it can be to choose more than one big-ticket pieces for a room. They may seem awesome at first but figuring out how to include them cohesively and not make the room cluttered can be a huge challenge. Your remodeled kitchen might not be literally cluttered but your brain will be a bit frazzled.

Color on the Range

The range/stove is one of the largest appliances and most used in your kitchen. Doesn’t it make sense that should be your focal point? Large, decorative, or commercial ovens and stove hoods become a focal point automatically due to their out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic, so you do have to be a little careful. However, using custom wood, metallic, or marble hoods add a big “wow” factor. Other popular styles of ranges are the recently popularized retro pastel or bright red appliances that also have corresponding fridges.

Keep it Simple With Walls

A very powerful way to create a focal point is by painting your wall a bright color and hanging pictures. A gallery of artwork (including the kids’) is the perfect way to draw the eye in and create some fun conversation.

You can also create a “living wall.” This is essentially hanging planters on the wall and adding a variety of your favorite small houseplants. Adds a great bit of green as well as cleans your air!

Brightly painted floating shelves or light boxes that house cookbooks, knick-knacks, and stylish small appliances keep all you need at your fingertips while displaying it beautifully.

Oddball or Fun Furniture

Use statement furniture that contrasts your overall aesthetic. For instance, if your kitchen is very modern and monochromatic add some reclaimed or antique wood furniture. This creates a very original focal point. Upholstered furniture featuring bright or bold prints or even a fun texture add another level to antiques or stand out on their own.

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