Blast from the Past: Gold Decor Is Making a Comeback

Gold Decorating

Gold decor is back! But before you start envisioning the shiny brass faucets you had in your bathroom in 1986, know that the trending gold you’ll see in your home improvement stores have had a little bit of an upgrade.


While cooler, darker finishes such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed brass have been preferred in homes over the past decade or so, utilizing gold decor in your home design is a perfect way to add an element of luxury to your home. Check out how these 5 home accents are getting a gold makeover:

1. Faucets

Gold faucets have taken kitchen and bathroom remodels by storm. Now, you might remember the polished brass fixtures you had in your kitchen 30 years ago, but things have changed! These matte gold faucets and fixtures have had a facelift. With the all-white kitchen trend, the gold adds a pop of color to your monochromatic space.

gold decor is back faucet

2. Drawer Pulls

Just as gold faucets have graced modern-day design, drawer pulls act as a great accent to those faucets in your kitchen or bathroom. When choosing a gold drawer pull, stay away from the shiny brass look, which can make your cabinets look dated. Instead, choose a matte gold with a simplistic design.

gold decor is back drawer pulls


3. Lighting

Lighting can add a flare to any room of your home! Whether it’s a chandelier or wall sconces, gold is a bold choice that will make a BIG statement. When many people think of gold accents, they think of these large, ornate pieces that give your home that “everything is too expensive to touch here” feel. But in reality, gold fits in with just about every design type – mid-century modern, traditional, industrial, vintage, farmhouse and more!

gold decor is back lighting


4. Grout

Have you seen the gold grout trend? “Glitter grout” is on the uptick and is turning a seemingly insignificant part of your design into a statement! Besides gold, grout now comes in a variety of colors – including black, which has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Again, using gold grout for a monochromatic kitchen or bathroom is a great way to add some color (and sparkle) to your space.

gold decor is back grout


5. Decor

To finish off your remodel, the décor you choose can really make or break your overall design. If you’ve chosen some of the gold accents above to incorporate into your design, adding gold décor can finish off the look. To make sure you don’t go overboard on the metallic look, choose a few gold pieces and then tone them down with neutral tones such as whites and grays.

gold decor is back















Clearly, gold decor has gotten a makeover since the days of big hair, Walkman’s and Michael Jackson. But going gold doesn’t have to mean taking a design risk. All trends go in and out of style, but at least we know that gold will always make a comeback.


Ready to start your next home remodel? We can add a tasteful amount of gold design to any room in your home. Call (573) 446-2222 today to learn more!

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