6 Myths About Wood Floors You Shouldn’t Believe

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. Don’t let the myths and legends behind wood flooring keep you from your design dreams. Here are 6 myths about wood floors you shouldn’t believe and 6 facts you can trust:


MYTH: Wood Floors are Expensive

hardwood flooring in dining room and living room; open floor plan

Fact: Wood floors are one of the more cost-effective flooring options for your home. Carpet and other flooring options tend to wear down after five years and need to be replaced or repaired within ten. Wood flooring is much more durable and can be refinished to satisfy different decorating tastes.

MYTH: Wood Floors are Difficult to Keep Clean

Fact: Modern wood flooring options are sealed to be scratch-resistant, water-repellent, and dent-proof. Upkeep is a simple matter of sweeping twice a week to dislodge dirt or pet hair. Use throw rugs to catch dirt that may be tracked in and wipe up stains and other messes wiped up quickly with a wet cloth.

MYTH: Wood Floors Hurt Forests and Speed up Global Warming

Fact: According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the annual growth of hardwood trees is almost double the number of removals every year. Additionally, many contractors use materials like cork, bamboo, and other reclaimed hardwood to assist in forest preservation and global sustainability.

MYTH: Wood Floors Are Too Cold

Fact: Wooden floors warm up any room, both visually and physically. Wood is dense but porous, which prevents it from wildly fluctuating due to outside temperatures. If you’re looking for a flooring option that provides excellent insulation along with organic beauty, wood flooring is for you!

toy poodle dog playing on hardwood floorMYTH: Wood Floors are Easily Damaged and Prone to Wear

Fact: Whether you have children, pets, or a whirlwind social calendar, wood floors can keep up with the busiest lifestyles. Choosing a denser wood will protect it in the long run, as will rugs in high-traffic areas. Keep pets’ nails trimmed short to avoid scratches and ask guests and children to remove their shoes. If you do see a rare scratch, use wood polish, wax, and a buffer to remedy any superficial damage.


MYTH: Engineered Wood Floors are Not Good Quality

Fact: The term “engineering” is inaccurate. Engineered wood has not been created from scratch. Instead, the material has just undergone a slight construction process. Engineered hardwood floors require less wood, which in turn uses fewer trees. Engineered flooring combines the best traits out of all wood options: bamboo sustainability for a birch price and an oak appearance.

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