3 Fall Trends For 2017

Lovely, crisp weather is spreading across the country. Cool air makes the perfect setting for cozy outdoor gatherings and a great start to the fall holidays we all love so well.

Check out our top trends for the fall

Create a Welcoming Front Porch

If you have a lackluster front porch or walkway, there are some very simple additions that will welcome friends, family, and trick-or-treaters. An open concrete slab porch gets an easy makeover with a railing, a few potted plants, and seating (tasteful wicker is very popular this year). If you have only a walkway, it’s even simpler. Lanterns that can be staked into the yard, along with a perimeter of mums make a colorful and sweet fall walkway.

Try our top trends for the fall

Warm Up Your Deck or Patio

Fireplaces and fire pits are typically at the top of a homeowner’s backyard renovation list. They create a focal point and gathering area for a big family function or an intimate date night. Stone is the most popular and timeless facing for an outdoor fireplace. Add a mantle made of a richly colored wood and decorate it with your favorite fall accents.

Check out our top trends for the fall

Patterns and Texture Underfoot

2017 has been a year for mixing things up. Colors, textures, and patterns can now go where you please and outdoor and indoor elements are interchangeable. One element that is being pulled out of the house is rugs. Complement your beautiful deck or porch by adding layers or fun patterns and textures underfoot to include that extra wow-factor outside.

Additionally, if you’re curious what plants besides mums and pumpkins look great in the surrounding landscape, try adding sustainable plants that can survive droughts and winter weather like Tiger Eyes Sumac or Gray Dogwood.

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