Why Build a Custom Home?

It’s not surprising that most people would prefer to have a custom home built rather than buy an existing home. When choosing to build a custom home, the options are almost infinite! You have the freedom to choose a modern floor-plan, incorporate the most current styles, and create an energy efficient home with the latest technologies. You can add your own personal touch to every aspect of your new home. There are times when any old blueprint won’t cut it for your dream home, and we can help with that.

Our Recent Custom Home Building Projects

A custom Floor Plan for your lifestyle

We believe that it takes a team to bring your dream home to life, but we know your home is a very personal thing. You have a vision of what your dream home will look like and our team will be there every step of the way to help you bring it to life. We want the end result to be a home that you will love living in for years to come. This is why you get to be involved from the ground up and take ownership in the design of the space you create.

Ultimate Self expression

Building a custom home may be one of the biggest opportunities you and your family have for self-expression that you will get to enjoy every day. You will have the chance to hand-pick every detail of your home from the doorknobs, to the light fixtures and everything in between. A custom home is your chance to create a living space that is designed around you, through and through, and have pride in what you’ve created!

Future-Proof your home

Custom home building allows you to incorporate your family’s future plans into your home. One of the most common reasons people move is because their home no longer fits the needs of their growing family. Creating a custom home with your family in mind allows you to have a space that fits your needs now while leaving room to expand in the future.

Why Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling?

Kliethermes specializes in award-winning custom home building and remodeling in Mid-Missouri. The best part about a custom home? Every project is completely unique! Thinking about a custom home? We’ll help put your vision to paper and create a space that encompasses the functionality and design your family needs. Let us help you make your dreams a reality! Call (573) 446-2222 or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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© 2019 Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling

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