You found your dream home. Sure, it needs some work, but you’re willing to spend the time and money it takes to turn your fixer-upper into the home you’ve always wanted. Before you start picking out paint samples and flooring, however, you’ll need to decide how you want to tackle your remodeling project.

Should I remodel while living at home or not?

The first thing you’ll want to decide is whether or not you’ll be living at home during your remodel or if you’re going to find somewhere to stay while the contractor works on your house.

If you’re living at home while remodeling:

Some homeowners like to be in the thick of things while their remodel is in progress. It’s a good idea to start with the master bedroom so that you have somewhere to stay right off the bat. A good night’s rest can make all the difference when you’re having to make crucial design decisions. After the bedroom, tackle the bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel next so that you can gradually start living in your house while the team finishes rooms that aren’t as critical to everyday life.

If you’re staying elsewhere while remodeling:

Letting the contracting team get in and “gut” your house without being there can be stressful for some owners but it can also make the remodeling process go smoother and faster. The team can replace wiring, walls, and windows without having to worry about working around someone living in the house. Knocking out these overhauls all at once can let your team get the basics out of the way before they focus on the rest of the project.

Save yourself from getting overwhelmed by taking everything one step at a time. Create a plan with your contractor to find a timeline that works for you and you’ll find that the remodeling process can be a lot of fun!

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