BUILDER, DANIEL J. KLIETHERMES agrees to repair or replace, without cost to BUYER, any defective work, and shall indemnify and save BUYER harmless from any damage from defective materials or faulty workmanship performed under the contract arising within twelve (12) months following completion of the dwelling (occupancy shall be considered the completion date).

BUYER agrees to cooperate with respect to any product warranties relating to any defective materials and shall pursue any claims therefore available to BUYER and BUILDER shall be reimbursed to the extent of any recovery thereunder for the actual cost to BUILDER of replacing and installing any such defective materials. BUILDER further agrees to make necessary minor adjustments in doors, windows, etc. for a period of twelve (12) months following the completion date as the same may be reasonably requested by BUYER.

BUILDER further agrees to be responsible for any required repair or replacement of the foundation and / or concrete slab for the dwelling in the event of any defects therein affecting the structural soundness of the dwelling itself and including repair of any cracks which may develop which are greater than one-quarter (1/4″) in width and which may develop during a two (2) year period from and after BUYER’S occupancy. This warranty does not extend to minor-hairline” cracks caused by natural shrinkage and earth movement, and which do not affect the structural stability of the dwelling and which are less than one-quarter (1/4″) in width. It is the intention of BUILDER to HEREBY provide a two (2) year warranty for the foundation and/or concrete slab floor to BUYER.

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