Natural Home Design Pieces

Interactive Runners

These are a truly original way to incorporate nature into your home — it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. Essentially, the design is a coffee table, kitchen table, desk, or couch table that has a cutout running down the center or in the center where plants grow. The most commonly grown plants are wheat grass and small herb gardens but other low-maintenance plants work as well. Not only does this seamlessly blend nature into your decor, it also gives you a healthy dose of clean air.

Rocks and Geodes

Beautiful gemstones and geodes are a natural element that combines a sparkling, colorful femininity with a hard and masculine edge. You don’t have to display it like a geologist on a stand or under a spotlight. You can find gemstone coasters and candle holders to put on a mantel or bookshelf, along with wallpaper printed in large geode designs. Rocks are an easy (and inexpensive) natural element. They are great to put on top of the dirt in planters — no more pets digging in — or in small succulent and cacti planters.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is no longer like your grandmother’s; this is furniture you’ll want to make sure the cat doesn’t get to. It is made out of the natural, bamboo-like rattan material; it’s fast-growing and sustainable. Wicker is light, so you can move it around until it’s in just the right place. Designs in the past year or so have mixed contemporary, farmhouse, mid-century modern, and industrial-inspired styles to create up-to-date and spectacular furniture designs.


Pressed or Pinned Insects and Flowers

A unique addition to a wall or desk, pressed butterflies or flowers are both delicately beautiful and scientific. A small collection of pinned butterflies, moths, or other insects and pressed flowers, or other plants on a framed mat with their scientific name will bring serious intrigue and conversation with every visitor. Alternatively, a simple square of glass with the specimen inside allows you to closely look at every angle — keep it on your desk to study during a much-needed break.

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