A breakfast nook is a beautiful, airy bonus to any kitchen. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or help your children with their homework in the charming space. Try some of these tips to ensure that you’re getting the best use out of the breakfast nook in your home:

Pick the Right Table

The size of your breakfast nook does have an impact on the size of your table. You want to make sure that your chairs have enough space to scoot in and out if you decide that the space will be used for meals.

Cozy Seating

The breakfast nook may end up being your favorite place in the house. If that’s the case, you want to create seating that allows for deep conversations or cuddly breakfasts. Add some pillows that complement the colors in your kitchen to combine the looks of both spaces.

Be Unconventional

Then again, no one said you had to use chairs. Out of the ordinary seating is a perfect addition to this little space. If your breakfast nook is in the corner of your kitchen, consider a farm-style bench to accommodate more people. Or, you can go retro with booths!


Maximize Your Space

A tiny breakfast nook can still be a cute oasis for two. Rather than using a standard table, find a pedestal table that won’t take up a lot of space. That should leave enough room to add in a banquette that seats two! You can also design the breakfast nook to butt up against a kitchen counter, giving yourself some extra serving room.

Add Warmth

No matter the size of your breakfast nook, you can make it seem like the largest, warmest room in the house with the right paint colors and lighting. If you’re trying to create a soft space, for example, pick a subdued color with mellow pillows and a warm, gentle light.

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