The Scarlet

Scarlet Home Floor Plan

Finished: Sq. Ft. 1,697


We refer to our “Scarlet” design as a brake-light home, meaning it’s not uncommon to see brake lights come on and cars slowing down as they drive past this beautiful home! The drama continues to unfold when guests arrive and are greeted by spacious views of the great room, with its warm fireplace and tall ceiling, as well as views out the back.


Considerable attention was given to the design and amenities found in the home’s rear foyer entrance from the garage. Notice you don’t have to walk through the laundry room! Rather, we’ve designed the home to help reduce kitchen clutter and make it easy for the kids to find everything they need as they head off to school. Speaking of the laundry room, practicality rules, as evidenced in amenities such as the folding counter, sink, storage and natural light.


When it comes to functionality, we concentrate on “how the home lives.” That’s why the secondary bedrooms are larger than many other new homes of similar overall size. The family-oriented storage offered in the hall linen closet and wide vanity included in the shared bathroom allows you to store everything with ease!

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