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Kliethermes has created architectural floor plans and custom homes created specifically for unique clients. Read below and view the pictures to learn more. It might even serve as inspiration for your bathroom remodel or an addition for your home!

Designed with the client in mind

The client wanted a home that resembled their current house, one built in the early 1900s. They had lived that house for 35-plus years and it looked like it was from downtown Fayette. However, they also thought they wanted a ranch. They thought a ranch would be the kind of home they could stay in forever.

But after meeting with a designer frustration set in. Nothing they saw was close to what they had imagined. They kept trying to make that ranch-style home fit their needs and expectations. Throughout all of the planning, they never were able to make it look like a home from downtown Fayette. The home they had lived in, and that the client had wanted to replicate, required stairs. The ranches they looked at didn’t offer that option.

A Kliethermes designer came up with a simple solution. He said, “Why don’t you just put in an elevator?” The client was interested immediately.  Together, the original plan, which had been worked on for months, was completely scrapped. From there, design began on a home that looked similar to their old house in Fayette, but with the amenities of a modern home.
The end result was a two-story home with a basement.  And even though the client didn’t need an elevator right now, it is there for them to be able to use in the future.

Through asking many questions and listening to the feedback from the client, our designer was able to meet all of their interior design needs. The new home includes unique design to the master suite, home office, large open kitchen, family room, and formal dining room. A special design for the bar — replicated after CC’s Broiler — was included. Coincidentally, CC’s is where Kliethermes and the client first met. We also helped lay out the home and road to create a picturesque view on the family’s farm.

This completed the goal the client had for many years, and it all started with that first meeting. It is ingrained in the Kliethermes culture to ask pertinent questions and listen to the needs of our customers. In working with this client, we were able to do both, and in turn, put together their dream home.

To see photos of this project, please click here.

Country Dream Custom Home

This client had grown up on the family farm land in Missouri but spent most of his adult life in southern California. He and his wife wanted to retire and get out of the fast-paced lifestyle of southern California. They loved the Spanish-style homes where they were living; they just didn’t like where they lived.

Two years before they were set to retire, they started designing their new home with Kliethermes.  After they visited Kohler’s showroom in Wisconsin they settled on the final design, which was much different from the initial plans.

The client really wanted to maximize the view of their land. That was the reason they moved back to the area, after all. Therefore, large windows were added across the back of the home, and a large screen porch with a courtyard entry was critical. They also were worried about losing power in the event of a storm, so we installed a backup generator to guarantee them electricity.

The clients brought a handful ideas from California, such as a Luigi clay tile roof and a stucco cornice around the roof and windows. A special round turret finished off a spectacular entry reminiscent of southern California’s Spanish-style homes.

During the process, the client had Kliethermes add new Pella windows to the original farm house where he had grown up as a boy. For him, a large part of the joy he derives from this new home comes from the preservation of those old memories. It is what these clients live for, and why they wanted to build their home in the first place. At Kliethermes, we do our best to take those old ideas and not just maintain them, but bring them into the future.

To see photos of this project, please click here.

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