The Square Footage Decision for Your Home

Many people don’t realize that the square footage of your living space should be the first thing you decide when choosing a new home. This rule applies whether you’re thinking of buying your first home or building a home to enjoy in your retirement because it will be the deciding factor for many different situations. Here are just a few things that are affected by the space in your home.

Family Space

Fire place in modern living room with bright natural light and sectional sofaThe size of your family, or family-to-be, is a huge deciding factor when it comes to buying or building a new home. Your square footage should not only be able to accommodate the family you have but any new members you might add. You should also consider the possibility of the unexpected, such as if your parents decide to move in with you. Too little square footage can make the house feel like a sardine can.

Saving Money

More space often means more costs. You may be chomping at the bit to build an enormous floor plan, but what will that cost to heat and cool? If you’re building a home, consider the possibility of future bills. If you’re looking to buy, you may want to focus on an older house with new updates, rather than a brand new model that will break the bank. Be clear on what’s important to you before you settle on a size.

Double Trouble

Do you love to have friends over and play host? It’s possible to create or designate a room to have a dual purpose – such as an office that doubles as a guest room – so that you have more room for entertaining in your space. This is especially important when you’re building a new home because you have the potential to foresee what rooms can pull double duty and what rooms should stand out on their own. Sorting out those rooms will help you decide the right square footage for your space!

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