For the entrepreneurs who work at home, finding the perfect space for an office in your house can be a challenge. Why not just build yourself a beautiful, productive space? We have some tips on how you can ensure that your new workspace becomes your at-home oasis.

Choose Your Location Carefully

When adding an office to your home, you want to build it somewhere you will experience minimal disturbance so you can stay focused. Don’t build the addition next to the road or right next to a busy hallway at home. Think about the noise and traffic in and around your home and avoid those busy, noisy areas.

Hide or Eliminate Cords When You Can

We are quickly becoming a wireless society, but if you require a dual display workspace, try to build in ways to hide the wires. There are countless creative ways to mount your power strips and wrangle your wires so that they stay out of sight and out of mind.

Bring in the Light

Building a new space onto your home has the added bonus of allowing you to decide how much natural light you want to incorporate. If you’re building a room that will eventually become an office, you want as much natural light as possible. Natural light helps improve your mood, your productivity, and your sleep, as well as helping you cut back on electric bills.

Inspire Yourself

Working from home can be great, but it can also be lonely and cause you to become unmotivated. When designing your new space, leave rooms for pictures, personal knick-knacks, and other inspirational items that will keep you focused. A professional space with a homey touch will motivate any employee whether it’s in a corporate building or right down the hall.

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