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Do you dream of making a significant impact on people’s lives? Do you love working with a team to improve the function of someone’s home so they can love where they live? If you enjoy working with your hands and want to be a part of a massive undertaking such as a home remodel, you belong on our team!

At Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling, we bring our clients’ dream homes to life – whether that means building a new home or remodeling their current one. From our project coordinator who meets with the client and walks them through the process, to our whole production team works through the remodel, we all get to impact people’s lives daily.

Continued Growth

After more than 40 years in the industry, our family-owned business remains dedicated to growth. We believe that our people are the foundation for our continued success. We invest in you to help you be the best you can be.

KHR provides a variety of career development and training opportunities for our employees. From client and co-worker communication training, attending industry-leading trade shows, touring product manufacturing facilities, and taking classes on job-specific skills like window or siding installation, KHR helps our employees be well-rounded and confident in all aspects of the job.

Benefits & Perks

  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • CAFE Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Vehicle Allowance
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement
  • Continuing Education
  • Company Events

Open Positions

Lead Carpenter

The Lead Carpenter is a highly responsible position and is a direct report to the Project Manager (PM). Lead Carpenter is directly responsible for the on-site project management and is required to possess the highest level of carpentry, scheduling, project budget, subcontractor management, and job site safety skills. Lead Carpenter must maintain regular client contact and ensure that company policies and procedures are upheld. This position is responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the project, within the means of the construction contract.

  • Review job schedule with (PM)
  • Attend project review
    • Work with (PM) to create a realistic job schedule
    • Receive and review job folder with (PM)
    • Confirm all long lead items have been ordered or selected
    • Pre-schedule work and subcontractors in order to maintain project schedules
  • Participate in pre-construction conference, job site inspections with the (PM)

During Construction:

  • Perform on-site build at the highest level, as required.
  • Supervise laborers, carpenters, and subcontractors, including participating in performance reviews. Make work assignments, monitor quality, and motivate crew. Must command the respect of the work crew.
  • Expedite timely completion of the work to maintain schedule and budget goals.
  • Ensure job site safety, protection, and maintenance of company tools
  • Maintain discipline of employees and subcontractors on the job. Lead Carpenter is responsible for maintaining correct dress and behavior standards on the job.
  • Train carpenters
  • Read and interpret paperwork, including all plans and specifications, purchase orders, subcontractor work orders, and cost updates. Bring questions, discrepancies and unusual conditions to the attention of the (PM)
  • Provide necessary information to (PM) for change order requests at time of the request from the client.
  • Understand change order procedure and ensure that all change orders are written up and signed prior to implementation.
  • Work with (PM) on change orders to determine which tasks can be accomplished by KHR including amount of time and cost for materials and labor.
  • Have accurate understanding of the scope of work for each project assigned to you as Lead Carpenter
  • Maintain job folder, collect plans, construction documentation, engineering letters, etc.
  • Request help as required, anticipating the need for additional carpenters so they can be scheduled in a timely fashion.
  • Responsible for reporting late subcontractors, discipline problems, problems with schedules and communicating with (PM) of job status.
  • Order materials not already ordered for project

The Carpenter is a highly responsible position and is a direct report to the Lead Carpenter. Carpenter is directly responsible in the skillful use of all necessary hand tools, pneumatic and electrical power tools. This person must have a basic understanding of all trim techniques and must be able to perform the quality of standards set forth by Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling.
Professional/Technical Responsibilities:


  • Assists layout of footings, slab and concrete flatwork.
  • Assist layout of walls, floors, ceilings and rafters.
  • Squares out basements, frames and aligns all walls.
  • Have a good understanding of framing techniques for the entire home to include (but not limited to): wall, floor and ceiling framing, deck framing, roof framing, stair framing and miscellaneous light framing
  • Have a good understanding of interior and exterior trim to include (but not limited to): door and window casing and installation, base trim and crown molding, closet shelves, installation of cabinetry and accessories, shutters and exterior accessories.
  • Work off a written schedule of projects and deadlines using a daily, weekly and monthly format; keeping track of hours worked at each job.
  • Attends weekly production and safety meetings.
  • Works with other employees and subcontractors as a team.
Estimator & Spec Writer

This person is responsible for efficiently and effectively performing his/her duties, even the smallest details, with an enthusiasm that encourages clients & potential clients to contract with KHR for home building & home remodeling projects. Meets with designer and discusses the scope of work. Researches, plans, & estimates building projects for clients. Analyzes drawings, specifications, design requirements, sales notes, other documentation & prepares time, cost, & labor estimates for the projects.

Essential Functions include the following. Other functions may be assigned.


  • Ensures he/she is using his/her time & resources effectively & efficiently as well as the time of his/her manager, coworkers & clients.
  • Cooperates with all KHR personnel, association members, board members & the public
  • Encouraged to serve as an association member
  • Promotes the purpose, realization & growth of KHR’s vision – Columbia’s builder of choice
  • Provides insights, ideas, thoughts, numeric data, technical information and personal wisdom that supports & shapes the KHR vision
  • Provides personal input that supports his/her individual goals
  • Provides insight from the customer’s perspective to help ensure the attainment of the KHR vision



  • Reviews plans from Designer to understand how the project is currently built & what work will be done.
  • Visits job site to fully understand the scope of the project
  • Walk trade partners through the project so they can create their quote/bid
  • Searches for & engages contractors & suppliers who offer better price values on materials and labor while maintaining KHR standards for excellence.
  • Reviews data to determine material and labor requirements and prepares itemized lists
  • Computes cost factors and prepares estimates used for management purposes such as planning, organizing, scheduling work, preparing bids, selecting vendors or subcontractors, & determining cost-effectiveness
  • Review all final supplier bids with Selection Coordinator
  • Conducts special studies to develop & establish standard hour & related cost data or effect cost reductions
  • Consults with team members, clients, vendors, or other individuals to discuss and formulate estimates & resolve issues
  • Reviews job cost reports & discusses with Production Manager & Project Coordinator
  • Discusses the scope of work with the Project Manager & Project Coordinator
  • Reviews code requirements, visits the job site, consults with production to determine the best use of labor and materials for construction & to prepare estimates

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“Our culture is very team oriented. We all collaborate very well together in order to get that final result which is a happy client, which is, in turn, going to give us happy employees.”

- Karen Wolfe

Interior Designer / Selection Coordinator

“There is a lot of information that changes hands so we all have got to understand what each other needs and make sure we have each other’s backs and make sure everyone has the things that they need to do their jobs. I think we do a good job of that!”

- Joe Weber

Production Manager

“A lot of our trades are the same, we get to know people, we become friends, we go on fishing trips together and have company parties together. It really becomes a good time.”

- Greg Toul

Lead Carpenter

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