What Can You Do with a Converted Garage?

white piano next to palm plant in converted garage

Many homeowners don’t – or can’t – park their vehicles in their garage. If you’ve found yourself with a garage that you don’t use, why not convert it into a space that’s fun for the whole family?

Inspired Garage Conversions

Most remodeled garages have the door removed in favor of a wall so that the new space can be used as a room rather than a storage area. The nice thing about converting your garage is that you can treat it like a home addition, and the possibilities are endless! You may want to use your old garage as a:

  • Music or art studio – either add some insulation and soundproofing to create the perfect music studio or install some windows to give your art projects some natural light
    Gym – Bring your exercise machines and weights up from the basement and give them a new home!
    Media Room – Why spend movie theater prices when you can have a theater of your own? Install some comfy seating and a popcorn machine in the corner to create a movie lover’s paradise.
    Guest House – Whether you love to entertain or are anticipating your mother-in-law coming to stay, your guests will love a space that has its own kitchenette and bathroom.
    Greenhouse – Your gardening hobby doesn’t have to be put on hold during the winter. All you need to transform your garage into an indoor garden is proper heating, a watering system, light, and a green thumb!
    Playroom – Video games and large toys can find a permanent home in a kid-friendly playroom!

Things to Keep in Mind When Converting Your Garage

Almost any garage conversion will require that you transform your unconditioned garage into a conditioned space. A conditioned space will make the room more comfortable by adding insulation, heat, and maybe some plumbing. Converting the space will affect your home’s property taxes, but it can also add desireable equity to your house. A firm budget, an ideal timeline, and a professional assessment can help you turn a common garage into a surprisingly pleasant home addition.

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