Design Your Perfect Walk-In Closet

walk-in closet with many shelves and drawers

Every homeowner covets the grandness of a walk-in closet, but it’s easy to get lost in all that space. Follow these FAB steps to design a walk-in closet that fits your personal style as well as a favorite pair of shoes.


Focus on what you wear most often and place it closest to the closet door for quick-changes. Instead of creating a wall of clothing as you enter into your closet, position more hanging clothes and drawers towards the middle and back of the space, opening up the entrance. Extra blankets, luggage, and seasonal items, such as bulky winter coats, can be stored above until needed without taking up valuable room needed for everyday items.


Use a custom-designed walk-in closet as an opportunity to switch up how you do storage. Utilizing the entire space in a closet is an absolute must; every inch, from ceiling to floor, is valuable. Drawers and shelves will nearly double your storage space, as will adjustable hanging bars. A double-hanging system can be used to make the most out of a narrow space.


Think of your closet as a treasure chest. Windows and skylights can provide natural light, but windows can also take up valuable wall space. Plentiful, good artificial lighting is a must. Use a favorite dresser or hutch as a focal point and to add storage. Show off favorite shoes and with slatted racks and treat bags as works of art with their own shelves.

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