5 Classic Home Styles That are Making a Comeback

Brick house with prominent chimney at front

Your Home Might Look New, but it’s Old

Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod style homeAfter log cabins, the homes first built in the United States in the 1600s were Cape Cod homes. Inspired by Britain’s thatched cottages, these homes are built with steeper roofs and larger chimneys to endure cold Northeastern winters. Windows flank the front door, dormer windows sit up top, and cedar shingles are typical attributes of this style, as well. Most of today’s lived-in Cape Cods were built after World War II, as they were the first style used in moderately priced housing developments.

Bungalow & Craftsman Style

bungalow and craftsman style homeBoth of these style homes came from the Arts and Crafts Movement, which was active during 1880-1920. Most of these homes can be found from Washington down through California, though they are making a come back in new neighborhoods all over. The emphasis is on natural materials, like wood, stone, and brick. The most notable features are the wide front porches, low-pitched roofs, open floor plan with beautiful built-in furniture, big fireplaces, and exposed beams.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style homeExtremely popular in the US from 1918 to 1940, these homes were modeled after the hacienda style, with red tile roofs, arches, and plaster surfaces. They also often include porticos, balconies, and ornamental details, like heavy wooden doors and multicolored tiles.

Tudor Style

Originating in England during the first part of the 20th century, this is one of the most recognizable home styles in the UK and US today. They are best known for steeply pitched, multi-gabled roofs and decorative half-timber framing The steep-pitched roofs are perfect for rainy and snowy climates, which is why the majority of these homes can be found in the Midwest and East Coast.

Victorian Style

Victorian style homeEmerging between 1830-1910, under the reign of Queen Victoria, these homes include sub-styles such as Gothic revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, stick style, Romanesque style, and shingle style. They were typically constructed more for beauty than functionality, so the designs are complex, with ornate trim, bright colors, large porches, an asymmetrical shape, and multi-faceted rooflines.

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