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Serving Mid-Missouri Since 1976

At Kliethermes, it’s always been a family affair. As a family-owned and operated company, we know how important a home is to a family. For more than 40 years, we have been helping families make their houses feel more like home.

Dan Kliethermes began Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling in 1976 and has been serving clients in Columbia and Mid-Missouri ever since. Now his son, Cale, is following in his footsteps.

From 1976 to today, our values have remained the same. We adhere to the highest standard of personal and professional integrity, providing our clients with quality service every step of the remodel journey. For us, taking the easy way out in not an option. Why? When the day is done, we know that a positive customer review speaks volumes about our craftsmanship and our team. When we work on a project, we do it right.

Our team knows that a building project, whether it’s a new home, an addition, or a remodel, is a massive undertaking. We pride ourselves in taking your ideas and turning them into reality – on time and on budget. That’s our promise to you.

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Mission: "To seek new opportunities and innovations that satisfy changing consumer demands for design build services, quality, excellent value, and continuing commitment for clients who wish to build a new home or improve their existing one."
Values: "We believe in producing professionally finished and profitable results. We pledge to be open, honest and direct with our clients knowing that satisfied clients are our best endorsement. We will adhere to the highest standard of personal and professional integrity by honoring our commitments, and respecting and treating fairly all people with whom we associate."
Goals: "Build an organization of people dedicated to excellence by combining the talents of design personnel with those of skilled, capable craftsmen. Deliver consistently superior quality and value in our homes and remodeling. Maintain a commitment to innovative design and continuous improvement to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Be recognized as good, contributing citizens of the communities in which we live, work and build. Maintain a commitment to providing exceptional service to our homeowners."

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Travis & Mindy McCubbin

The one thing we really appreciated was how good they were about the budget, and being open with us about any changes there may be. They helped lay everything out in detail up front and helped us to meet what our target was. I really had a cost estimate in mind and was concerned about staying within our budget. They all did a really great job at keeping it within the budget we laid out in the beginning.
Carl and Zina Fudge " Kliethermes proved that some builders can deliver quality and value without sacrificing craftsmanship."
Carrie Pike " They communicated very well. I have pets and they were very good about that."
Mel and Jane Dodd " This is the first time we had work done on our house that we weren't unsatisfied with."
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Karen's Corner


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