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What’s your paint personality?

Have you ever painted a room in your house? Have you ever painted a room only to discover the color was terrible? What did you do to solve it? Go to the paint store, get a new color and repaint? Maybe just use the room with a color you don’t like? How about close the door and never go back again? Ok, that might be a little extreme.

We have found paint is a very affordable way to give your house a new look and feel. Depending on what you are looking to do you can add flair, create a relaxing room or just simply make your room more inviting. Pittsburg Paint has a color personality quiz that is a lot of fun to take but also helps narrow down the number of colors to those that fit your personality. You can take the quiz by going to http://voiceofcolor.com/en/colorsensegame/index.asp.

Here’s to finding a great paint color, the first time!

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