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What’s Next: 5 Home Trends To Love In 2017

A new year means new home design trends! The world of interior design is constantly changing and evolving; that’s why, as a home remodeling company, it’s important to keep forecasting the next big trends for our clients. Check out these 5 exciting new home trends we’ll see in 2017:

Terracotta Tiles

We promise you didn’t get sucked back in time to the 90s! Terracotta tiles are making a HUGE comeback in 2017, but not in their original glazed form. Check out the Mediterranean vibes these tiles bring to the space. Incorporating terracotta tiles into your kitchen, entryway or patio can instantly create a warm, inviting feel. 


We’re talking green EVERYTHING. Greenery, one of the Spring 2017 pantone colors, is going to be especially popular – whether it’s paint, a piece of furniture, backsplash ideas or ACTUAL greenery, make sure you balance this bold choice out with dusty neutrals or crisp white accents.

Mixed Metals

Throw out whatever rules you had in your mind about matching. This year, it’s all about mixing metals! Copper is out, but mixes of gold and silver fixtures and other design elements are making a statement in 2017! If you’re into the industrial look, mixing metals can be a great way to achieve that style for your space. To utilize this trend successfully, neutralize the metals with white or brown accents and use colors sparingly to not overpower the room.


Okay, first terracotta… now cork? We’re not pulling your leg! Cork can be used for a cost-effective flooring option or, think outside the box and use it to create a feature wall (think HUGE bulletin board)! Cork will give your space an organic, earthy look so pair it with greens and neutrals for a natural vibe.


Cerused Wood

The ceruse wood look first became popular in the Art Deco period, but it’s making a comeback in 2017! Ceruse wood is characterized by its darker stain and contrasting white grain. It will add a bold statement to any room in your home – especially your kitchen! Our favorite ceruse wood is paired with modern, stainless steel appliances and white quartz or marble countertops for a minimalistic design.


2017 is going to be an exciting year in home design! If you’re resolving to update your home this year, call Kliethermes today to discuss your next home renovation project!

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