Kliethermes Participates in remodelers Advantage Roundtable

COLUMBIA, MO—Dan Kliethermes, president of Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling, participated in a Remodeler’s Advantage roundtable in Jekyll Island, Ga. March 14-16.
The Roundtables membership program brings business owners together from across the nation to examine problems and opportunities found in the remodeling industry, especially critical areas of business management. Kliethermes, who has participated in “peer groups” for more than 10 years, joined more than 13 other remodeling business owners from numerous states in the intensive three-day session, which focused on marketing issues remodeling business owners face.
“In roundtables, we’re there for the sole purpose of sharing what has worked and what hasn’t in our businesses with other like companies in the industry,” says Kliethermes. “By understanding and building on what has worked for others, we learn to be more efficient with our time and strategies — and pass those benefits on to our clients.”
Kliethermes says members discussed everything marketing-related, from posting neighborhood flyers at the start of a remodeling project to creating or improving websites as a means of accomplishing larger company marketing goals. The overall objective, as he explains, is to determine clients’ needs and communicate how those needs will be met.
“You can attend a seminar and pick up ideas, but they’re sometimes hard to implement when you get back to the office because you’re simply too busy,” Kliethermes says. “In a Remodeler’s Advantage roundtable we go in-depth into issues that are important to our industry, and if I need help in the future, all I have to do is call one of the members.”
The Remodelers Advantage roundtable also takes the peer-review concept to the next level, pushing business owners to expand and explore new business practices. Each attendee, for example, was asked to set three specific, measurable goals for his company, which must be accomplished over the next sixth months before the group convenes again.
Since Kliethermes plans to add another team member to his sales force in the near future, his goals pertain to financial operations, such as exploring alternate methods of estimating to improve efficiency.
“I see my involvement in the roundtables as an opportunity to develop systems throughout the business that make our company both highly effective and efficient,” Kliethermes says. “In the end, the result is an improved remodeling experience for clients.”

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Travis & Mindy McCubbin

The one thing we really appreciated was how good they were about the budget, and being open with us about any changes there may be. They helped lay everything out in detail up front and helped us to meet what our target was. I really had a cost estimate in mind and was concerned about staying within our budget. They all did a really great job at keeping it within the budget we laid out in the beginning.
Carl and Zina Fudge "Kliethermes proved that some builders can deliver quality and value without sacrificing craftsmanship."
Carrie Pike "They communicated very well. I have pets and they were very good about that."
Michelle and Shawn Lynchard "We have utilized Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling for 3 projects; I recommend the company without reservation."
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