Bathroom makeover

Jeff and Martina Parker loved their home, but it had few improvements over the 35 years since it had been built. They decided it was time for a makeover, both inside and out. The Parkers wanted to first give their master bathroom a little update, and then wanted to give the outside of their home some curb appeal.

The Parkers saw some of Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling’s work in Columbia Home magazine, and went to the website to look at additional work. After reviewing his online portfolio, and seeing how professional his company is, they contacted Dan Kliethermes.

Dan met with them soon afterwards for an initial consultation, which involved a series of questions that help determine if Kliethermers was the right fit for the project. It was a great fit and another meeting was scheduled to help Kliethermes gain some perspective on the project.

“After meeting with Dan, and seeing how his process worked, I knew that Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling was the right choice for us,” said Martina Parker.

The project entailed remodeling the master bathroom, creating a larger shower, adding some tile and a glass enclosure. After taking some measurements, the design on the project began. The design was reviewed by the Parkers and revised to fit the various options and specifications they were looking for. The finalized design allowed Kliethermes to give a guaranteed quote for what the project would cost.

After the project began, Kliethermes made an outstanding effort to be as little of an intrusion as possible. This entailed both getting the job done as quickly as possible, and ensuring that everything was cleaned and straightened up at the end of each day.

“The project managers made sure things were done right,” said Martina. “When remodeling the master bathroom, we expected our privacy would be intruded on a little bit, but we knew what to expect. The bathroom was always kept clean and in good shape.”

When the bathroom was completed, the Parkers were so happy with the experience they had just had with Kliethermes, they asked him to begin another project for them. The second project was to transform the Parkers’ large circle driveway which ended at a courtyard, into beautiful landscaping with a new fence and a retaining wall.

The same process was used again to design and revise the project. A timeline was devised, along with a plan for how the project would proceed, to ensure that there were no surprises along the way.

“We had regular meetings that kept us up to date on the projects,” said Martina. “We knew everything we wanted to know – when the guys would be jack hammering, when things would be installed, everything.”

At the end of each project, the Parkers did a final walkthrough, which allowed them to make any changes. They were extremely happy with the way everything was completed, and promised to call Kliethermes again if any other projects came up.

“The whole process was wonderful,” said Martina. “The front of the house looks great. You can’t tell that we live in a 35 year-old home, and the bathroom… wow!”

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Travis & Mindy McCubbin

The one thing we really appreciated was how good they were about the budget, and being open with us about any changes there may be. They helped lay everything out in detail up front and helped us to meet what our target was. I really had a cost estimate in mind and was concerned about staying within our budget. They all did a really great job at keeping it within the budget we laid out in the beginning.
Mel and Jane Dodd "This is the first time we had work done on our house that we weren't unsatisfied with."
Michelle and Shawn Lynchard "We have utilized Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling for 3 projects; I recommend the company without reservation."
Carl and Zina Fudge "Kliethermes proved that some builders can deliver quality and value without sacrificing craftsmanship."
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