Switch To Energy Efficient Appliances With Your Next Remodel

Energy EfficiencyAs the world population grows and technological advancements arrive, more focus is being put on energy efficiency. Becoming more energy efficient will certainly slow our depletion of the earth’s natural resources as well as help home owners and businesses cut back on their energy costs. While you may not see the impact this has on the Earth, you will certainly see the impact on your energy bill. Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling is committed to helping everyone make the change to energy efficiency, and we recommend compliant appliances in our remodeling projects.

Home appliances are one of the main contributors to the home energy bill. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project, consider replacing your old fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc.  with new, energy efficient appliances. While the upfront costs may be greater than you were planning to spend, you will end up saving money on your energy bills in the long term. This is also evident in new washing machines and dryers. When planning a basement remodeling project, consider adding a laundry room with a new, energy efficient washer and dryer.  Any new energy efficient appliances you can add to your home will help you save money in the long term.

These new appliances are getting smarter and smarter as the technology evolves. They are now integrating with smart phones and other mobile devices. Imagine you refrigerator sending you an alert on your phone if you leave the door open. Or imagine your washing machine being able to track local energy usage to see the least costly time of day to run a load of laundry. These new appliances will be able to monitor usage, and items like your freezer will be able to determine the minimal amount of energy needed to keep food cold at various times of day.

Switching to energy efficient appliances will save you money, and help save our planet. Contact Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling, and start planning your energy efficient remodel today.

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Roger & Cherise Still

We knew exactly what was going to happen, on exactly what timeframe, and even exactly how the team would work with us. They executed that, and beat their estimated completion date by a week and a half. To have the project delivered ahead of time was a nice joy.
Michelle and Shawn Lynchard "We have utilized Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling for 3 projects; I recommend the company without reservation."
Mel and Jane Dodd "This is the first time we had work done on our house that we weren't unsatisfied with."
Carrie Pike "They communicated very well. I have pets and they were very good about that."
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