August, 2016

The Olympic Home: What Happens to Your House After 4 Years Elaine

  What Happens to Your Home in 4 Years A lot can happen in four years. Your family can grow another member. Your child might leave to go off to college or graduate high school. Meanwhile, during these four-year increments while most of us are tangled up in the everyday adventures of life, Olympians all … Continued

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July, 2016

Is Your Home Ready for New Additions? Elaine

Make the Most of Your New Home Addition The decision to add a new addition to your home will change your life. It’s a huge commitment of both time and money and can bring about many challenges and pitfalls. While it often requires more energy than intended, with the right vision and effort, the results … Continued

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June, 2016

Finding the Perfect Remodeling Contractor for Your Home Elaine

  How to Find the Perfect Remodeling Contractor for Your Home A recent study states that 50% of homeowners are dissatisfied with their work of a recent remodeling contractor. In fact, they were unhappy to the point that they will not hire that contractor again. The Better Business Bureau receives thousands of consumer complaints per year. … Continued

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May, 2016

How To Get Your Front Porch Rocking-Chair Ready Elaine

  Get Your Front Porch Rocking-Chair Ready! Before jumping into #demoday and starting on the front porch of your dreams, consider these questions: What are your goals for the existing space? How will you use the porch? What do you expect from it? With the hottest months in real estate approaching, curb appeal should come … Continued

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May, 2016

Home Remodel: Budgeting Tips Elaine

6 Tips to Help Save on Your Home Remodel Planning a home remodel can be tricky. Determining the budget for a home remodel takes time and can seem like a daunting task. We all have expectations of what we want our dream home to look like, but getting a handle on how much these dreams … Continued

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April, 2016

While You Were Away: Travel Tips Elaine

TRAVEL TIPS Here at Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling, we love a great vacation. Sun in our hair, sand in our toes, a colorful drink in our hands. It’s a great feeling to get away with family and friends to de-stress and rejuvenate after a busy season at work. I always come back from a trip … Continued

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April, 2016

What To Do Before Remodeling Your Basement Cale

Does your basement need help? Do you dread walking down the stairs because of how terrible it smells? Are you ready to transform the space so you and your family can actually use it? A quick word of warning: before you start tearing things apart and laying down carpet, there are a few things you really need to tackle first…

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March, 2010

Kitchen & Laundry Renovation Elaine

A Perfect Example of Addition by Subtraction. Ron and Myrna Powers fully expected an expensive addition was the only way to get the modern kitchen they always wanted. Instead, the Klietehrems design team moved their laundry equipment to an upstairs bathroom, freeing up space for this spacious completely updated kitchen – while also making laundry … Continued

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March, 2016

5 Reasons Why Spring Home Remodeling is Better Elaine

Have you spent all Winter hemming and hawing over ways to improve your home? If you have, you certainly aren’t alone. The cold Winter weather keeps us indoors where we can constantly inspect the interior of our homes. We find all of the imperfections, and are reminded daily of any existing inefficiencies. Now that the weather is beginning to get warmer, now is…

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March, 2016

Moving On Out: Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space Elaine

  It’s time to pull the covers off of your patio furniture and start making plans to enhance your outdoor living spaces, and we have plenty of ideas to get you started! Weatherproof Materials There are so many options when it comes to weather-resistant furnishings. Most anything you find indoors can be adapted to withstand … Continued

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Travis & Mindy McCubbin

The one thing we really appreciated was how good they were about the budget, and being open with us about any changes there may be. They helped lay everything out in detail up front and helped us to meet what our target was. I really had a cost estimate in mind and was concerned about staying within our budget. They all did a really great job at keeping it within the budget we laid out in the beginning.
Carl and Zina Fudge "Kliethermes proved that some builders can deliver quality and value without sacrificing craftsmanship."
Carrie Pike "They communicated very well. I have pets and they were very good about that."
Ron and Donna Snyder "It's never to easy find the right balance between cost and quality. Kliethermes truly stands alone!"
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Brace yourself, summer is coming. Now that it’s finally porch-sittin’ season, it’s time to make sure your front porch gives your home instant curb appeal. With all the entertaining you’ll be doing this summer, you’ll want to check out these 5 white-hot design tips that will have your guests and neighbors saying: “Where did you get that?” or…
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