Is A Custom Home Right For You?

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Those in the market for a new home are probably considering a few options. Some lean more toward buying a home while others are seriously considering having a custom home built from the ground up. While both may seem like viable choices, there are a few things that the new home owner will need to determine before they may the ultimate final decision. Here are just a few:

Are there homes in the area that you want to live that will accommodate the size of your family? Some folks compromise size and end up not having the space they really require a few years down the road. When building a custom home, you can plan ahead for all the space your family will ever need.

Custom Home Building

What are your wants? It is not always easy to find everything you want when buying an established home. Some family members may require a walk-in closet. Others may need a large garage to store their favorite car or have a place to put their tools and work bench. When building a custom home you can have your wants baked into the design. If you buy an established home you may need to take on some remodeling projects before your new home can really meet all of your requirements.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to your budget. If you are able to buy an established home at a reasonable price and still have money to remodel a kitchen, or add a garage, then buying a home may be the option for you. If you can afford the land and the build, a custom home will have all of your wants and needs built into the floor plans.

No matter which avenue you wish to pursue, Kliethermes Home and Remodeling can help. We build some of the finest custom homes in the Columbia, Missouri area, and also are responsible for truly beautiful remodeling projects. If you want to build a custom home, or remodel the home you recently purchased, Kliethermes has the answer.

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